Hadar Tours Plc named itself after an archeological site in Afar region from where the 3.5 million years old Human Skeleton was excavated is one of the competent tour operators offering natural, cultural, and historical and event tours with competent prices and best possible services to its customer.

It is managed by professionals having more than 35 years of experience in the tourism industry of which some are bilinguals.

In its 21 years of giving the best possible services to tourists, it has shown a great success and profitable in business. Though not face we do understand as there are ups and downs in business and we apply “A FALL IN TO A PIT IS A GAIN IN ONES WIT” The great effort we showed and and hard working of our staffs has shown success and the success it fulfilled has helped the company to built a new lodge as a sister company named KONSO KOREBTA LODGE costed over 45 million Ethiopian Birr. It is located in southern region of Ethiopia in one of the Ethiopia’s heritage site—KONSO at a

Our Moto are giving:

  • Vales to the Environment—leave nature as just it is and live with it.
  • Values to the Community—Community based tour activities
  • Values to the Clients—paid client is with us trusting the country and the tour operator. In this connection we show maximum effort in satisfying need and wants of clients to bring about their trip enjoyable and clients happy.

Karat konso lies about 540km south of Addis Ababa along a good road via Butajira and arbaminch or 595km via the rift valley lakes(Koka,zewaye,langano,Abijata and shala) most visitors to konso drive there thrugh an organized tours. the closest airport to konso is at arbminch 85km to the north. you can contact for a detail flight schedules with ethiopian airlines ticket offices. konso is one of the UNESCO world heritage site since 2011 with its 230km cultural lansdcape named after its agricultural inhabitants. Therefore we pleased to build the KONSO KOREBETA LODGE which is very eco friendly, to welcome all local and international tourist who want to admire the landscapes, the culture and ocourse there artful touches of their building styles as we as thier home use furniture.

Konso Korebeta lodge Armed with professionals where you enjoy comfortable accomedation with both tradtional and european delcious meals. Konso Korebeta Lodge next to Areba Mich with only 85km is ready to deliver lunch box stored in ice boxes when a group or individual is in a hurry to drive to a turmi on monday to arrive in time for market visit.



  • A campfire
  • Safe box at reception
  • Grill, Barbeque & Coktail Services
  • And many more…

The lodge is located in the south west of karat touwn on konso –jinka road next to konso museum at the foot hill from which the name konso orginated as per the information given by elder.


Leave Karart town and follwing the konso jinka road you will find the sign board of the lodge including of konso museum. here turn to left and pass between these two sign baords and dive up the hill on zigzag roa. road when you arrive at the get of the museum, take the path on the left side and come to the compund of the lodge

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